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There are lots of ways to do counseling. You can think of me as a life coach who uses life principles to help you solve personal and relational problems and therefore enhance your ability to enjoy a productive life. And /or, I can be your therapist to help you process a history of hurts and help you get on with your life now. 

I work with individuals (children, teens and adults) couples or families in an atmosphere that is casual and relaxed. I use language that is practical and tools you can put to use today. I avoid psychobabble. Connecting with the counselor is the most important component of therapy so we connect or we don’t and if we do we’re likely to do some good work.

I’ll help you learn how to manage the thoughts and emotions that get in the way of healthy living in your personal and relational life.

I work with mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger and shame; and behavior difficulties such as aggressive anger, excessive worry, compulsive and addictive acting out or withdrawing in depression.

Whether these behaviors are acted out on the self, family members or in social communities and workplaces, they make your life much more difficult than it has to be.

I offer an orientation into how your mind works and I’ll coach you in how to more effectively monitor and manage your mind so you can become more effective at directing your mental and behavioral choices.  

I can also help you deal with the unfortunate and traumatic experiences that negatively affect how you function in life today. I’ll guide you in processing past traumas so you can stop viewing life through the lens of a hurtful history, experience healing and develop a clear, rational and spiritual view of the here and now. So rather than being defined by past injuries you can be refined into the resilient productive person you are.

I asked that you be open, honest and willing to do the work. I’m willing to invest my best energy, insight, empathetic compassion and guidance to help you get what you come for.

Fortysomething years of marriage, parenting and counseling people with every imaginable problem (with all the thrills, mistakes, and lessons learned) have provided a good lab for my curious mind to develop the insight, tools and creative interventions with which I work. I take my craft very seriously and we’ll find a way to have some fun while I help you through your difficult times.


While I am comfortable working with people of various backgrounds, I especially enjoy working with followers of Christ using the power of his person and principles to take their next transformative step. I call this Christian Principled Counseling.  Whatever your spiritual orientation, my goal is to meet you wherever you find yourself and help you move forward.

I’m ready when you are!

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