Individual Counseling

I’ll help you learn how to manage the thoughts and emotions that get in the way of healthy living in your personal and relational life.

I work with mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger, and shame. I can help with behavior difficulties such as aggressive anger, anxiety, and compulsions, as well as addictive behaviors. I also help people overcome depression. Whether these behaviors are acted out on the self, family members or in social communities and workplaces, they make your life much more difficult than it has to be.

I can also help you deal with the unfortunate and traumatic past experiences that negatively affect how you function in life today. I’ll guide you in processing past traumas so you can stop viewing life through the lens of a hurtful history, experience healing and develop a clear, rational and spiritual view of the here and now. So rather than being defined by past injuries you can be refined into the resilient productive person you are.

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